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Cold process soap is a method of producing soap that requires no extra heat to create the soap - it is therefore 'cold' - with no extra heat being applied to the process. That doesn't mean that things don't get hot - the combination of lye with natural butters and oils create its own heat. A chemical reaction between the ingredients takes place, leaving you, quite magically, with a block of soap. And while soap making can most definitely have a slightly witchy connotation (there is definitely something magical about) making soap is definitely both art and science. We have  taken the time to experiment with levels of ingredients to ensure you get a soap that is not too caustic, not too soft, not too hard…and good for your skin.

Cold Pressed Soap

Shower Steamers

Whipped Scrubs

Charcoal Mask

Solid Dish Soap

Hair Shampoo

Lip Balm

Pain Cream


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