A Creation for Every Occasion

From Dish Soap to Decadent Suds...Candles to Charcoal Mask,
Scrubs to Shower Steamers...Simply Perfect as a Present!

I take pride in the wholesome products I create.  The process is completely enjoyed from start to finish.

Whether a perfect fragrance and content for him or her, I strive to provide a wide variety of products to satisfy all!


Whether for the littles or the bigs...the boys or the girls...the body or the dishes, we have a soap you will love!  Choose from our large variety of soaps. 

Vegan options are also available.

Cara's Famous Creations

Some of the items Cara is known for....

Cold Process Soap

Bath Bombs

Zero Waste Dish Soap


Looking for a special, unique gift or gift set idea? Request a Gift Set!

Cold Processed Soaps

Unlimited Fragrances. Seed Tape Labels for you to Plant!

Carefully handcrafted cold processed soap is the staple product of Cara's Creations.  See for yourself!

Creative Candles

Unique, Fragrant, Colorful, Beautiful!

With new products coming out weekly, this category of our shop will be growing..be sure to check back regularly!

Gift Box Sets

Create the perfect gift set for anyone in your life.

Choose items to fit a special occasion and make a Gift Box set that will cherished with every use!


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